How Much Does It Cost To Fit A Bathroom In 2021?

Published May 27, 21
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How Much Will A New Bathroom Cost In 2021?

Any repairs works mentioned so far then become even more complicated and expensive to rectify if there are existing plumbing and electrics in the stud wall area. Photo 2 below is the same wall as shown in the base of photo 1. Bathroom Fitters Near Me. As you can see the plumbing pipes had to be removed.

There was an additional cold water pipe for the electric shower - Local Bathroom Fitters. This had to be removed completely and re-instated once the wall was repaired instead of simply amending it for the new shower. There were multiple lighting circuit cables for both the upstairs and downstairs lighting circuits routed up through the stud wall. Bathroom Fitting Costs.

New Bathroom Costs Uk - Building & Refurb

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These all had to be disconnected the cables removed, and then re-instated. This work is simply not a five minute job and didn’t just cost the customer an extra £5. This is why building a bathroom properly to avoid the problem of rot is so important. We wrote an article on waterproofing a bathroom which also covers the correct method for building a shower.

Relocating plumbing pipes or electric cables The photo above was taken during the conversion of a bathroom into a shower room. When we pulled the bath out the 22mm cold and hot water pipes which fed the downstairs bathroom and the lighting and ring mains circuits were found routed above the joists below the bath.

New Bathroom Costs Uk - Building & Refurb

With the conversion to a shower room these had to be relocated below floor level. How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Bathroom, On Average?. Luckily where these pipes and cables disappeared outside the perimeter of the room downstairs there was space below the timber to allow them to be cut and dropped below. To do this the next joist along had to be notched to allow the pipes to be dropped below floor level.

New copper pipe was soldered connected to the existing copper pipework and then connected to the plastic in a way that did not result in a bend on the pipe as shown in the photo above. Although plastic pipe is flexible straining it like it was in the photo is never a good idea.

What's The Cost To Add A Whole New Bathroom To Your House?

An access hatch was left in the plywood subfloor once laid that means should there ever be a need to access then it is possible. I would have preferred to replace the cables which would have been ideal but couldn’t. When the associated downstairs sockets were identified and an attempt made to pull the cables they didn’t budge.

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These cables may have come out but running new ones would have been impossible without demolishing most of the walls and downstairs ceilings on the front of the house. Water shut off valve Some customers have no idea where the mains shut off valve to their property is located. Some don’t work and allow water to continue passing.

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This has to be done for mains pressure properties that do not have storage tanks in the attic commonly referred to as gravity systems because if we can’t fully switch the water off then other means have to be used to do so to allow us to solder copper fittings. Bathroom Fitters Near Me.

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Quite a number of properties don’t have central heating drain valves. This is something we do check for at the quote stage because of the headaches it can cause. In a house with a garden and drain it is relatively straightforward to shut off both valves to the lowest radiator and drain that down collecting the water in various containers.